Connecting people with the outdoors to enhance their health & well being.

Story so far.......

dingy.life was started by its founder Marc "Bongo" Stapleford. Marc is a veteran mountain biker and outdoor activity leader and mentor. He has competed in endurance events and races at national level in mountain biking and was the founder of an Affiliated British Cycling Club. 

A long time ago in a land far, far away................

“One day on the side of a mountain in Snowdonia having a snack and pondering life i decided to start writing notes about an idea i had where i could provide and promote outdoor activities, rides & adventures to help connect people with the outdoors and increase their health & well being.

In the last few years my health has suffered through various traumas in my life and being active in the outdoors has been a great medicine, helped enhance my mental state and helped me get through some dark times.

My entire life i have enjoyed the the great outdoors and the adventures that it provides, from spending hours outside as a kid, to mountain biking, hiking and kayaking all around the world but i never thought it would be my medicine! Until now.

So though my personal experience my aim is to help connect people with the outdoors through biking activities to increase their health & well being and be inspired by their stories to.

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, to be listened to, to be active, to feel alive and to be happy and with that in mind dingy.life was born”.

Marc "Bongo" Stapleford

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